Technicians were accommodating to our wishes of unit placement

The representative was attentive and was able to schedule a sales visit within about a week. The sales rep took his time during his initial visit and was always available to answer our follow-up questions.

The technicians were pleasant, careful to cover the furniture in the immediate area of the work and cleaned everything up after the job was completed. The electrician was also hardworking and neat.

We were generally satisfied with the explanations provided and the techs were accommodating to our wishes of unit placement. Unfortunately, it wasn't until the installation was complete, that we were told the inside units would require periodic cleaning of filters. This is something we had not given much thought to when having the upstairs unit placed in a hard to reach location high on the wall at the top of a staircase. We probably would have rethought the positioning of that unit.

I absolutely recommend Richair Comfort Solutions