The Customer Care team handled my phone call in a friendly and polite manner, initiating the call to alert me to the fact that it was time to schedule an annual maintenance check. Available dates and times were suggested and there was a willingness to adjust the time to accommodate my needs.

The Technician could not have been better and I called Richair to express our pleasure in dealing with him before I was approached to write this review. He arrived on time, was extremely courteous, friendly and factitious. He was very sensitive to the fact that an elderly relative was sleeping in the same room where the inspection had to be done, and was mindful not to make any unnecessary noise. He worked with great care and was very thorough and the clean-up was complete.

We were completely satisfied with the technician's explanation of the work, both before and after, describing step by step the actions he was taking and the reasons for them in order to check that the system was working properly and the preventive measures taken to ensure that it would continue to serve us well.

I absolutely recommend Richair Comfort Solutions