installation testimonial

It was extremely frustrating trying to schedule the installation of a new central AC system. I was trying to schedule AC first, then painting, then a moving truck in the week during which I had possession of my new home but didn't yet live there. I was never able to get a solid date and time for the installation from Richair that I could plan around so in the end, had to go ahead with everything else and do the AC installation once I had already moved in.

The technicians were great; they showed up roughly when expected, did a nice job of installing the system, cleaned up after themselves and were willing to answer any questions I had. I have one issue with a lot of exposed wiring in the front of the house which is still being dealt with; Paul came to take a look at it and has a solution so I am confident that the problem will be solved.

I understood their explanations of any questions I had which included placement of the condenser and reasons for the exposed wiring behind it.

I would recommend Richair, but first want to make sure all works as expected