Ductless mini split system air conditioner & heat pump units are a wonderful addition to any home, but when they start to malfunction good luck in trying to find people competent enough to service and troubleshoot your system.

When my mini split system was originally installed a few years ago. It never operated properly from day one. I should have contacted Richair to do my install, but I was "a penny wise and a pound foolish" and had my friend who knew a friend who did my installation, bad move on my part!

Unfortunately, there are many installers out there who are just that, installers only. During the last few years I had my share of HVAC techs who could not properly diagnose and fix the problems I was having with my system, they just went through the motions of charging and discharging the "freon" (R410a refrigerant)

I was so frustrated and decided to give Richair a shot. These guys were great! No, they're not cheap, but the technicians are factory trained and worked with the technical support department of the mini split manufacturer to fix the problem. A Big Thank you goes out to Kassim for diagnosing the problem, ordering the parts and installing it a few days later.

The system is working like a champ now. It only took a few years to get it right though, that's on me for waiting! If you want to get it done right the 1st time. Give Richair a call, these guys are great and worth every penny!