I was able to get an online appointment for an estimate in the early fall. The estimator was punctual and knowledgeable. We went room by room and he carefully inspected existing electrical availability. He gave a reasonable estimate for a two Mitsubishi compressors and 6 indoor wall units, and we signed an agreement that day (did not do a hard sell, was just happy with the estimate and other reviews for this company).

I was called by the installation supervisor the next day and scheduled installation over 4 days over the next two weeks (2 days for half of the house and 2 days for the other). The installation team was clean, followed the prearranged plan. They left a clean space when they were done with a professional looking installation. A few days after everything was installed, the installation supervisor came back to activate the system. My wife was present for this and said he spent a few hours checking every unit carefully for drainage and function. She was impressed by how systematic there were.

Great job Richair!

I absolutely recommend Richair Comfort Solutions