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These guys were truly exceptional. From beginning to end, everyone were consummate professionals, providing me an estimate for two ductless mini split system air conditioner & heat pump units for my apartment, walking me through the process of what I could expect from them and what I needed to do, performing quick and clean one-day installation, and then even filling out the paperwork to get my $1000 energy credit back from ConEd. Make no mistake, ductless air conditioning is a pricey investment, but they're really worth it for the comfort they provide during the hot and muggy summer months. And you need installers who know what they're doing, don't B.S. you or take you to the cleaners.

Here's where you know you're dealing with professionals: After everything was installed, I wanted to register everything for the manufacturer warranty, and as I was gathering the serial number for all four units (I had a 9000 BTU and 12000 BTU unit installed in my bedroom and living room respectively, along with the corresponding outdoor units), I noticed that the technicians mistakenly hooked up the 9000 BTU outdoor cooling unit with the 12000 BTU indoor unit.

I contacted the rep, Peter M. and you know what he did? He called me back the same day, verified that this was indeed done, admitted the mistake, apologized for it and immediately corrected the error by having technicians come out the next day to swap the units. The technicians who showed up to correct the error, echoed Peter's apology, explained this rarely happens, and swiftly went to work. Any business can screw up from time to time, but it's how the mistake is dealt with and responded to that gives you a clue into a business' professionalism, competence, and dedication to customer service. What they did was textbook, excellent customer care.

I think every consumer is hardwired to shop for the best deal; I call it the Walmart syndrome. Buy something as cheaply as possible. For certain items this certainly applies, but with sizable investments like split-type AC units, Richair Comfort solutions embodies the old adage "you get what you pay for". And what you get is top quality Mitsubishi product with caring and knowledgeable professionals.

I absolutely recommend Richair Comfort Solutions