Climastar LogoWelcome to the future! The Climastar Dual Kherr system is the advanced heating system that’s designed to be the best physical and aesthetic comfort around your home or office by blending into the background of your home with a vast selection of different natural textures and designs. The Dual-Kherr system is a product of dual-compound energy efficiency which creates optimum heat and minimizes ecological impact. Using the top-of-the-line materials, Climastar is a system built to last, mitigating any worries over having to replace your system in the foreseeable future.

Complete Comfort

Have you ever wanted a quiet, efficient heating system that you won’t even notice? Then Climastar Electric Wall Heater is the product for you. Using natural or modern designs and textures, the Dual Kherr system has the design to hide in your home/office. Furthermore, Climastar also offers a slew of optional features such as a seven scent automatic aroma spray which will make your home smell as incredible as the comfort it provides. Additionally, you can add an optional humidifier and expand its built-in pre-selected programs from four to nine. With all that they offer, it’s as if you’ll never have to take a vacation again—everyday will feel like one.  Climastar is also a fantastic way to help supplement your current ductless mini split heat pump system to keep you warm on the coldest of days.


  • Ergonomic, easy access controls
  • Energy star high-precision electronic thermostat
  • Weekend programming
  • Slimline aesthetics
  • FM receiver


The Climastar Dual Kherr system boasts an amazing lifetime warranty on all paneling, additionally, all other parts come with a standard one-year manufacturer warranty.