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Baxi wall-hung heating and combination (domestic hot water) boilers. Baxi is a global group presented in more than 50 countries worldwide. Learn more Bosch wall-hung heating and combination (domestic hot water) boilers. Bosch has been a leading global supplier of technology and services for over 100 years. Learn more Sanyo ductless split air conditioners & heat pumps offer wide versatility in solving your cooling and heating needs. Learn more
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Noritz makes significant investment in research and development of sustainability and superb technology solutions in tankless hot water heater industry. Learn more With a vast selection of different natural textures and designs that blend right into the background of your home, Climastar helps creating your own private oasis. Learn more Panasonic ductless split systems offer wide versatility in adapting to your cooling and heating requirements. Learn more
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  • Condensing technology. In practice a conventional boiler would have an efficiency of 75% to 84%, while a condensing boiler will give an efficiency of between 96% to 98%. This strongly depends not only on boiler manufacturer, and quality of installation, but also on the whole heating system. Also the boiler must be properly tuned-up to achieve the most efficiency.
  • Condensing boilers. Modern condensing boilers are just as reliable as standard, non-condensing boilers. Condensing boilers are no more difficult to service (meaning professional service), nor do they require more frequent servicing (the only minor additional task is to check the correct function of the condensate drain). Condensing boilers are not difficult to install, under all and any operating conditions, while these boilers are always more efficient than standard, non-condensing boilers
  • See manufacturer awards and certifications, find product specifications, read testimonials and reviews.