Where are Mini Splits Right for the Property?

20150204_163925When looking into the options for heating and cooling your home, many people are only aware of the forced air heaters and central air conditioners that are all too common today.  Not only are these systems inefficient and space consuming, they are often a more expensive option.  Enter the mini split ductless system.  One external unit works with one or more internal units to temperature controlled air directly into the room it is intended.


Here are a few ways for you to decide if installing a mini split in your Maspeth, NY home is right for you:

  • You have no gas available to the home.
  • You have no ducts in the home.
  • There is no space outdoors for a traditional air conditioning unit or inside for a furnace.
  • Your attic or crawl space is unfinished and ducts are uninsulated.
  • Your home is a low load home.
  • You want zoned temperature control.
  • The home’s HVAC is spotty and some rooms are hot, others are cold.
  • One part of your home isn’t HVAC accessible.
  • You are looking for an energy efficient unit.
  • You need an easy to install unit.
  • You need a whole house heater.

With ductless mini split systems, you will save energy because it doesn’t use ducts to transfer heat. Instead the heated or cooled air comes directly from the internal unit blowing the air into your home. There will be no ducts to collect dust, pet dander, mold and other contaminants throughout the year, causing allergies and asthma. Multiple internal units can be installed on the same external unit to individually control air temperature in each space.

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