Pros of Installing a Mini Split System

Mini split installation by Richair Comfort Solutions, near Maspeth, NY
Mini split installation by Richair Comfort Solutions, near Maspeth, NY

Mini split systems aren’t the norm for heating and cooling, but they do have advantages for your home or business. Here are some of the pros of having a ductless mini split system:

  • Mini split systems are efficient to run. Offering options to heat selected rooms or areas instead of the whole home will save energy that a forced air heater or baseboard hot water heat cannot offer.
  • Mini split units use electricity with no gas required. Prices of utilities fluctuate, but electricity offers a safer alternative to heating a home than the highly explosive natural gas.
  • Easy to install. The technician will not have to run ducts in order to get them to work. There is very little work to get the unit installed.
  • There is also the possibility to set up zones in a home or business to better regulate temperatures while saving money instead of heating superfluous rooms.
  • Temperature can be changed with the touch of a remote control. When you are up working around the house, your body temperature goes up and you may turn the temperature down on your cooler. After sitting down for a few minutes, your body temperature will drop to a resting rate. At this point, you don’t have to get up to change the thermostat, just use your remote to bring your room temperature to match your comfort level.
  • Heat your home efficiently with less energy loss than furnace and air conditioners. Duct systems have a margin of energy loss as the heated or cooled air travels through from the source to the destination. With mini split units, there is no travel distance. The unit that provides the heated or cooled air is right there in the room.

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