Make the Switch to Stay Cooler with Ductless Units and Enjoy Lower Energy Bills

Summer time brings warmer weather, green grass, and sometimes, outdated and high cost ac units. The weather is finally warm and those systems took a beating all fall and winter long and you might be realizing that they are not working as well as they used to, that your AC unit is just not cooling your house, or that your electric bill has skyrocketed.

If this sounds like you, you are not alone. “We’re booked solid with new installation jobs.” said Alex R., the Project Manager at Richair Comfort solutions in Maspeth, NY. “Everyone is waiting until the weather gets hot, then they finally act.”

In addition to the hot weather, people start understanding that their current outdated and inefficient system will waste electric energy, and they will have to pay high electric bills. This means that many people will switch to the new generation of air conditioning – an efficient ductless system.

If you are tired of your creaky window units and are thinking of installing central air, think ductless units. Until recently, installing central AC meant spending tens of thousands of dollars to retrofit your home with new ducts for air conditioning. A homeowner had to budget for a home improvement contractor to build soffits that cover duct work, or patch walls.

Now there are new heating and cooling ductless mini split systems – for year-round comfort – that don’t need to block windows and do not use ducts for air distribution. Instead, they are mounted on a wall or possibly recessed in a ceiling. Not only are these units more cost effective to install, but they will also save you tons on your energy costs!

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“In older homes, installing duct work is very difficult,” said Peter M., an experienced engineer and product specialist at Richair Comfort Solutions. “These new ductless units really make a difference.”

Why ductless units?

Ductless UnitsYou may have already seen these new ductless units in restaurants and commercial spaces. For homeowners, these ductless units are good for additions and great rooms, along with homes that don’t have any existing ductwork. The ductless units can also go on your roof. They are great option for condo and coop owners, too.

Here’s how a ductless units work: tubing connects to an indoor unit, and runs to an outdoor compressor that looks like a briefcase. An outdoor unit is much quieter than other conventional compressors. They’re also much more efficient than central air conditioning (because there is no duct work). They’re much smaller, quieter, neater and very efficient for both heating and cooling.

“I myself have four units,” said Peter. “They heat my home in winter, and cool in summer. I am happy that my energy bill is half of what I used to pay before. Typically they’re about 30 inches long by 10 inches high, and they stick out from the wall about 6 inches.”

“The ductless systems cost about $2,800 per room, and up to $10,000 or more for the whole house, depending on the installation complexity”, he added. “A single mid-sized room will need a unit that starts at about $3,200.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the amount of energy used to heat and cool your home accounts for about 43 percent of your monthly utility bills. So increase in energy efficiency can add up to big savings.

In terms of more environmentally friendly refrigerants, reduced noise and increased energy efficiency, there have been a lot of changes within the air conditioning industry in recent years. If you have equipment that is more than seven years old – it is practically obsolete. This especially applies to window units. If you replace your older room air conditioners with a newer ductless units, you could cut your energy costs in half (according to the U.S. Department of Energy). Look for units with a high SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating or an Energy Star-qualified unit.

Tips for Energy Efficiency:

  • Keep sun off the house. Add shade trees and shrubs around the exterior of your home.
  • Keep the shades down during the day, especially in windows facing east and west.
  • Raise the temperature on your thermostat when you’re away from home and at night if it’s not too hot.
  • Make sure doors and windows are well sealed.
  • Avoid stove-top cooking and baking on hot days. If it works for your schedule, cook early in the morning before it gets hot.
  • Clean the filters once a month and make sure the unit is level so that the condensation drains correctly.
  • Depending on the weather outside, turn the units off and use fans instead. Ceiling fans may be all you need in some rooms.
  • Don’t buy a bigger window unit than you need. It will just make the room cold and clammy.

Ready to make the switch to ductless units?  Richair is here to help!  Call 800 590-1557 to schedule a free consultation or get your appointment online:

ductless mini split in home consultation

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2 Responses to “Make the Switch to Stay Cooler with Ductless Units”

  1. Avatar for admin

    Bill Jones

    Do you work, or would you, in Hoboken, ?
    I live in a Brownstone. We want to redo the kitchen on the first floor which is next to the main living areas. Can we have the main unit serve both the kitchen and living area, about 1000 sq ft. Naturally we prefer that the process be quiet.
    We have an existing standard central unit the condenser of which is on the ground. Would you be able to move it to the roof, as is the more standard install in our area.

  2. Avatar for admin

    Richair Comfort Solutions

    Hi Bill, we do not work with central systems. Ductless mini splits are the way to go in 21st century, they are more convenient and efficient. I understand your situation – you already have central HVAC system, why to invest in additional, even highly efficient system. Well, for one room (i.e. kitchen) this probably does not make sense…


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