How to Clean Ductless System in Three Steps

A ductless system (indoor unit) installed at the head of your room’s wall requires attention from time-to-time. More particularly, before summer and around the time the nipping winds go away. The fact that they are installed higher than your own height or that they appear sleek and tidy doesn’t erase the need for internal cleaning. Furthermore, the question that arises is how.

A clean ductless system from the inside boost its efficiency. Clean off the debris to enhance the lifespan of your ductless system, observe potential issues before they get worse. You can easily learn how to clean a ductless system with this guide even if you are less than handy.

1. Start With The Condenser

Clean ductless system condenser
cleaned ductless system condenser
The condenser is the external unit of a ductless system. First, shut off the main circuit power before you get on to cleaning the condenser. Once you cut the connections, remove the debris accumulated near the unit. Make sure the area around the condenser is clear of long shrubs or any debris that is restricting free airflow. The condenser fins are the main components generating smooth and efficient heat exchange. Debris like leaves often get caught in the fins which ought to be removed. Neglecting the thin fins can cause them to bend, interfering with the normal airflow. For this purpose, use a Fin Comb to clean up the fins (available at most home improvement stores). A dull blade or a thin screwdriver can also straighten up the bent fins.
After cleaning all the debris, give the condenser coil a good wash. Soak the coil with suitable coil cleaner using a spray bottle. We recommend a biodegradable kind to avoid harming surrounding plants. Make sure to follow manufacturer directions and use necessary safety precautions. Spray condenser coil with a garden hose to flush the cleaning agent, but be careful not to damage or bend fins with water pressure.

2. Proceed Indoors

When you conclude with the external unit, move on to the indoor unit with the power still shut off. Open the cover and remove the plastic air filter. This is a reusable filter, so it’s important to be gentle. Wash it with warm water and cleaner as needed, and set it aside to dry.

3. Finally, the Evaporator and Blower

Clean ductless system interior unit
indoor unit

To get to the evaporator and blower, use a vacuum with a narrow nozzle to clear away the possible debris. Be careful not to damage or bend the fins. The blower should be relatively easy to vacuum. Clean the fan blades as much as possible. If you notice stubborn deposits that will not be vacuumed, it will need to be removed and washed. This task is more labor intensive and requires trained professional help. DO NOT SCRAPE DEBRIS – call a professional technician for service.

It is best to schedule a professional inspection every year before you put your ductless system to its regular, heavy use. The technician will not only provide facilitated cleaning but will also spot any technical defect possibly prior to it inflicting full damage.

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