Hot Summer Days – How to Keep Your Ductless System Functioning

When summers are around the corner, we all start wondering about the ways to keep ourselves cool and our houses cooler. Apart from shopping for summer clothes and stocking the houses with cold fluids, read below for some exceptional tips for hot summer days to keep your ductless systems in order.

hot summer days

  1. Clean up the Air Filters:

    Changing or cleaning the air filters of the ductless comfort system installed in your rooms surprisingly enhances the cooling performance. It is reported to have observed that cleaning air filters every two months cuts down on energy consumption and improves the air quality. Mark this as the first chore to do on a Sunday prior the beginning of summers.

  2. Let loose the blinds and drapes:

    The sun is scorching and full in hot summer days and the sunshine on the windows heat up the insides of the house. Letting loose of the curtains and drapes prevents the intense heat invading the interior and relieves the load on your ductless system.

  3. Pay a visit to the back of the house:

    The condenser at the back of your house can get clogged up with debris and grime if left untended to. Before the scorching heat scares you away from working in the daylight, make sure you inspect the outer unit thoroughly. Remove any possible obstruction and clear the proximal zone for better functioning of the condenser.

  4. Adjust thermostat to a consistent one:

    Lowering the thermostat in the summers will definitely not help your ductless comfort system cool the areas faster. The increasing or decreasing of the thermostat will only dwell heavily on the energy usage; hence it is wiser to keep it on a consistent temperature. This can be about 75 to 78 degrees with minimal adjustments in dire need.

  5. Close the vents where not needed:

    Ductless systems are designed to facilitate the entire house at a time. However, you can partially drop the vents in the rooms you don’t use very frequently. This saves the energy and redirects the cool air to the rooms requiring more temperature regulation.

  6. Switch on the fans:

    This is the tip which many either forget to obey or are unaware of. In hot days, switching on the fan when you have your ductless system cooling the house is extremely beneficial. Not only does this regulate the cold air more efficiently, it also contributes in taking away some of the heavy load your ductless system is already in. Switching on the fan will cut down significantly on the energy consumption than what it originally would have been.

In summer days, relieve your comfort systems of the already massive load they are working in. Try these tips and compare the results next time – you are guaranteed to feel cooler, cozier and fresh.



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