A mini split system refers to a heating and air conditioning with separate parts – the evaporator unit is mounted inside, while the condenser unit sits outside. There is only a small hole for the conduit that contains the refrigerant tubing, power cord and condensate drain. This conduit runs between the indoor unit and the condenser/compressor outdoor, so installation is easier than having to add ducts in a “non-ducted” home. If the mini split system is set up for it, it can offer heating and cooling. To heat, they would required a heat pump condenser instead of an air conditioning unit.

Single-room mini split system
Single-room mini split system

Mini split system is used to offer heating and cooling for homes and businesses that are not set up for “ducted” heating systems. Sometimes, duct work is not feasibly installed, therefore, this a mini split system type of HVAC system is advantageous. You can have a mini split system installed in an area of a home, or building, that doesn’t have the ability to install a typical forced air HVAC system. This type of unit is affordable and can easily heat and cool a space. You can even install a mini split system with different zoning.

Contact us at Richair in Maspeth, NY. We install, repair and maintain mini splits for residential and commercial customers. Have a comfortable home without the huge expense of installing duct work with a mini split system. We can help you decide what size would be best to install for your space. Call us at 800-590-1557 for a free consultation for your home or business. We’d love to help you be comfortable!

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