Replace your Window Air Conditioner with Ductless System

Get that ugly, inefficient and noisy window unit out for good! A ductless system offers much cleaner appearance, higher efficiency, and unmatched comfort.

If you are shopping for a window air conditioner, before you make any decision, be sure to consider all options. Today’s cooling and heating technology offers ultra quiet, sleek and super-high efficient ductless system, so window units become increasingly outdated. For all their attractive pros—low initial cost, portability, easiness of putting in – these appliances come with a multitude of off-putting cons.

First, even the most energy-efficient models are costly to run over the course of the cooling season. Second, because of their bulk and in-window position, portable air conditioners obstruct the view to the outdoors and block out the natural light that would otherwise flow into your home. Third, you should also consider that window units are extremely noisy. Furthermore, they severely undermine home security. After all, it’s easy to understand why so many people have gone looking for a better method of cooling their homes. Finally, the budget-conscious comfort-craving homeowners are discovering cost-effective, high-performance ductless system by Mitsubishi Electric.ductless system

While window air conditioners are temporary solutions, ductless system requires installation handled by qualified contractor. Ductless system is streamlined and compact, consisting of two discrete components – an outdoor condenser and an indoor unit. Connecting the two is a pair of refrigerant pipes that run through a three-inch-diameter hole in an exterior wall. The installation process usually takes less than a day, and once it’s up and running, a ductless system lasts much longer than the average window air conditioner.

Ductless system provide not only cooling, but heating as well. In cooling mode, the indoor and outdoor units work to draw heat from inside the home and discharge it outside. The push of a button reverses the mode, causing the system to extract heat from outside and deliver it indoors. In effect, the same ductless system you count on for effective and efficient cooling during summer can also provides heat in winter.

Having already earned popularity in Europe and Asia, ductless mini split cooling and heating may represent the future of climate control in the United States too.

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