Maintenance for Ductless Mini Split

Any HVAC system fares better when regular maintenance is performed. Some of the work can be done by a home or business owner, however, it’s important to have an HVAC technician come and complete regular maintenance for ductless mini split system. The refrigerant will last for years if the installation is done properly, but there are filters and other items that need to be checked from six months to a year. Maintenance for ductless mini split should be done at least once a year, or better twice a year if they are used year round. Here are a few of the maintenance items that will be performed with a technician at a regular maintenance visit.Technician performing maintenance for ductless mini split system

  • Check and clean air filters, or replace with new filters if found cracked or broken.
  • Clean sweep the evaporator coils on the inside unit and the condenser coils in the outside unit.
  • Make sure the indoor unit’s blower assembly and fan wheel are balanced.
  • Inspect all pipes and connections through the side of the building to make sure they’re in good condition.
  • Check that the outdoor unit and its pipes are tight and secured, free from any vibration that could cause unnecessary and damaging wear.
  • Check all electrical and mechanical connections.
  • Check remote controls for normal operation.

These, and much more tasks are manufacturer’ suggested procedures to ensure long efficient and worry-free operation. Richair Comfort Solutions provides maintenance and repairs for ductless mini split systems. We want you to have the best quality experience with your ductless mini split. This requires regular maintenance to help mitigate minor issues when they start instead of allowing them to get worse. In addition, not performing regular maintenance can cause the system to run less efficiently and fail prematurely. Call us 800 590-1557 to schedule maintenance for ductless mini split system.

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