Ductless Mini Split – Enjoy the Comfort of your Home

Why struggle with poorly designed, or even worse – poorly installed HVAC system in your home? When you purchased and installed a new heating and cooling system in your home, you hoped to be comfortable, and have no repair bills for the next few years, right? Like at least 5 years… Well, unfortunately it does not work this way.

Enjoy the Comfort of your Home with a Ductless Mini Split

First, to be ideally comfortable a homeowner needs a ductless mini split system. Only a ductless mini split can achieve ideal temperatures throughout your home, by providing total zoning and computerized temperature control. No ducted HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system) can achieve similar temperature control.

Second, how one can be comfortable under a pressure of possible expensive repair bills? You need an extended parts and labor warranty. When your new investment is protected by an extended service plan, you can rest assure if anything happens, it will be taken care of in professional manner.

Last, only a clean and well maintain system can deliver healthy air for your family. Contrary, and poorly maintained ductless mini split system can accumulate mold and other hazardous airborne pollutants. When you purchase a 12-Year Complete Warranty for your system, Richair Comfort Solutions will provide you with a 12-Year Complementary Maintenance Coverage.

Ductless Mini Split System:

Get a new Ductless Mini Split System – installed, fully tested and commissioned by Mitsubishi trained technicians. Standard installation includes labor and industry adopted material for up to 50’ lineset, PVC drain line, basic electric work per one indoor unit installed on outside wall (not inside partition), outdoor unit at or about ground level on wall bracket or ground pad, PVC lineset covers ivory color, minimal electric power work by licensed electrician

12-Year Complete Warranty:

As mentioned above, new appliances serve 12-15 years at most, after which it would be wise to replace them as they become less efficient and included features outdated. Meanwhile, the 12-year Complete warranty ensures that you get the most of the ductless mini split units you got – quiet efficient comfort without worry of costly repairs. The 12-year Complete Warranty includes:

  • all parts, heat exchangers, compressors, and controls within units (remote controls, thermostats, external tubing, insulation and wiring that are beyond actual units are excluded)
  • all necessary labor to repair a broken system (within ductless mini split units)

12-Year Maintenance Plan:

Some of the maintenance work can be done by a home or business owner, but it is important to have an HVAC technician who specializes in Ductless Cooling and Heating complete regular maintenance on the system. Below are some of the tasks performed by our technicians during a maintenance visit:

  • Check and clean air filters, or replace with new filters if found cracked or broken.
  • Clean/sweep the evaporator coils in the inside unit and the condenser coils in the outside unit.
  • Ensure the indoor unit’s blower assembly and fan wheel are balanced.
  • Inspect all pipes and connections through the side of the building (to make sure they are in good condition.
  • Check that the outdoor unit and its pipes are free from any vibration that could cause unnecessary and damaging wear.
  • Check all electrical and mechanical connections.
  • Check remotes for normal operation.

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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Division’s (MEHVAC) advanced climate control systems have improved customers’ homes and lives for the last 30 years. Ductless comfort system improves comfort while conserving energy and promoting environmental sustainability. Mitsubishi Electric is the third largest manufacturer of cooling and heating systems in the world, and it is dedicated to become the number one provider of comfort systems in America.

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