Ductless Comfort Systems in Winter – How to Keep Up

Ductless Comfort Systems in WinterYou know it is the time of winter when the winds get nippy and a desire to keep the windows closed arise. The ductless comfort systems in winters also need to gear up for heating in full swing, and wisdom is to keep them maintained prior to switching on the heater. Read below to acquire some tips on how to keep your ductless comfort systems proper and functioning when the winter takes the toll on.

  1. Keep the external unit clean of leaves and snow:

    First and foremost – the external unit (also known as condenser) at your backyard is in dire need of attention. If it had slipped your mind in summer, make sure you take a time off to tend to the condenser. Weeds, shrubs and other debris grow during the hot season in excess. Make sure you cut off the grime and weeds growing near the unit. Keep the unit clear of any obstruction interfering with normal airflow. During and after a snowfall make sure to clear as much as possible to keep nice airflow, in other words let the condenser “breathe”. Maintaining clean condenser, free of leaves, weeds and snow guarantees efficient performance

  2. Seal basement door and windows:

    Not only does it dwell heavily on the machine in terms of energy supply, but it also feels a great loss when the warm air is directed to somewhere least required. The demand for hot air exceeds the supply in winters, and sending a bigger portion of it to the basement is certainly heart-breaking. Seal windows and doors to your basement since they eat up the heated air like moth due to the underground location.

  3. Clean indoor air filters:

    Heavy usage in summer days might have clogged up the filters of your ductless system. Make sure they are dusted out since it reduces airflow and efficiency of your ductless comfort system. Clear pathway for heated airflow will warm up your room better and faster.

  4. Set the thermostat wisely:

    Set your thermostat set-point wisely, keep it at slightly lower setting for additional energy setting. The minimal adjustment can be made to the thermostat accordingly for better regulation of warm air.

  5. Shut off indoor units where rooms are not in use:

    As in summer, it is best not to run ductless comfort units in rooms which are not used. Take advantage of built-in zoning capability. This cuts significantly on energy consumption hence allowing more efficient heating in rooms where it is required.

As much as they are used in summer, ductless comfort systems in winter are equally utilized in cold, winter nights. Since the ductless comfort systems are operated in either season, recurrent maintenance must top your checklist for household chores. Make sure the ones installed in your house haven’t exceeded the maximum date due for prime-working!



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