Control cooling and heating regardless of where you are

Cooling and heating the home isn’t what it used to be—and that’s a good thing! For decades, forced-air central systems dominated the marketplace. In recent years, however, we’ve seen tremendous advancement across a broad swath of product categories, like home climate control. Today, homeowners enjoy a rich variety of exciting new options for cooling and heating. Of them all, there’s perhaps none more exciting than the zoned systems pioneered by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating.

To control the temperature level in your home in the past meant running (and paying) for the system to operate in every room (even for unoccupied rooms) – not very energy efficient of course. Mitsubishi’s Cooling and Heating systems changed all of that. You can have a multi-zoned system which will allow you to control the temperature for occupied areas only – say goodbye to paying for cooling and heating in rooms which are not occupied and say hello to energy efficiency! Having multiple zones means every family member can enjoy their preferred temperature setting.

Multi-zone application allows presise cooling and heatingCentral forced air cooling and heating systems push air through ducts to distribute air throughout the space. This seems to be normal, but what happens when one person is looking to be cooled and another needs a little more heat? Ductless cooling and heating systems are zoned, meaning each person can have cooling and heating as needed without compromising the other person’s comfort level. These systems can also improve the quality of indoor air – the filtration system can reduce dust, allergens, bacteria and more. Many homeowners are realizing the benefits of ductless cooling and heating systems. These are increased control over temperature in each individual room and increased energy efficiency, which in turn leads to improved comfort in their homes. Homeowners now can heat or cool those hard to reach areas of the home and provide a near silent comfort.

Energy efficiency offers an opportunity to reduce energy costs, while enhancing comfort. It also gives homeowners the ability to use energy wisely and lower their household power expenses. Utility bills can make up a large percentage of monthly household expense. Some households even experience difficulty paying to cool and/or heat their homes to a comfortable level. House occupants may become more susceptible to a range of health problems due to inadequate heat. Being energy efficient means homeowners have an opportunity to reduce energy costs, without compromising their comfort level.
Use Kumo Cloud to control cooling and heating when you are awayDuctless zoning gives homeowners the control over the climate in their homes. Have you ever worried about the air conditioner still working at full blast after you’ve left the house? With the remote system monitoring that the Kumo CloudTM makes possible, you c an easily use your smartphone to check and adjust the AC temperature down or off. In return, if you are on your way home at the end of a long day, you can easily turn up the heat in advance of your arrival, ensuring that your home will be toasty and warm (or visa versa during those sticky summer months) when you get there. You can also program a Mitsubishi zoned system to operate on a specified set schedule, but as we all know schedules can suddenly change at a moment’s notice. Only over-the-Internet control accommodates for those inevitable changes of plan. Kumo CloudTM puts full control at your fingertips, helps you save money and ensure comfort.

The Kumo CloudTM app and web service works with the Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Interface to enable wireless control of Mitsubishi Electric HVAC systems from a smartphone or tablet (the app can be downloaded on iTunes or Google Play – there is also a web browser version). Kumo CloudTM works with all new Mitsubishi Electric indoor units and most others. A Wi-Fi interface is needed for each indoor unit, call us for more details.

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