Why would you need a Ductless Mini Split Units 12-year Complete Warranty?

ductless mini split units
Ductless mini split units are more sophisticated and complex

To answer the question, let’s look at the mechanical and electronic industries as a whole. In the past 40 years one could notice that mechanical and electronic devices became much more sophisticated and complex. They include more features than ever, and capable of delivering better results while consuming less resources. These great achievements come at a cost – to maintain necessary quality and integrity of these new devices and machinery, manufacturer must employ better, more efficient processes and newly developed material.

In contract, a window air conditioner manufactured in early 1970’s would serve till late 1990’s, or even longer, thus having useful life of 20-30 years (ductless mini split units were not existent in early 1970’s). Producers did not consider fast  advancements in technology, the chassis and all parts were made out of heavy metal ensuring long useful life.

Nowadays technology changes every 5-10 years, so the idea of producing an expensive heavy duty appliance that would serve about 30 years became is obsolete. Instead, manufacturers include more features and increase efficiency, thus make the new generation of ductless mini split units more sophisticated, but unfortunately less reliable – the useful life of these new products is reduced to 12-15 years.

12-Year Complete Warranty

As mentioned above, new appliances serve 12-15 years at most, after which it would be wise to replace them as they become less efficient and included features outdated. Meanwhile, the 12-year Complete warranty ensures that you get the most of the ductless mini split units you got – quiet efficient comfort without worry of costly repairs.

The 12-year Complete Warranty includes:

  • all parts, heat exchangers, compressors, and controls within units (remote controls, thermostats, external tubing, insulation and wiring that are beyond actual units are excluded)
  • all necessary labor to repair a broken system (within ductless mini split units)

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