High energy bills? Running ducted heating and cooling costs much more than a ductless mini split air conditioner system.

switch to ductless and save

ductless mini split in home consultation

Stop wasting efforts trying to even-out temperatures in your home, it is not possible with ducted heating and cooling system. Instead switch to ductless mini split system, and start enjoying precisely tuned comfort in every room, and save energy and money.

ducted heating and cooling
Ducts are not the most efficient way for air to travel

Ask yourself: why one switch (a wall thermostat) should turn on the whole HVAC system and air start blowing in every room without any regard if that room needs to be cooled or heated? However plenty of homes still use that same impractical and inefficient concept for heating and cooling. A single thermostat controls the temperature for the entire home, causing some rooms be too hot, other rooms too cold, or constantly fluctuating temperature. In this video, Mitsubishi Electric (MitsubishiHVAC) illustrates how difficult and inefficient it is for people and air to travel through ducted heating and cooling system, but that’s what people live with every day. Fortunately Mitsubishi Electric offers a better way to make comfort personal.

Ductwork can be a number one reason for your central heating and air conditioning system not heating and cooling your home evenly, and running your monthly utility bills high. These are due to:

  1. Poor duct design
  2. Poor duct installation
  3. Unbalanced ducts
  4. Not enough air returns
  5. Pressure differences

Poor duct design

A poorly designed ductwork will force your ducted heating and cooling system work harder and waste more energy to get the conditioned air to every room until they are comfortable. Due to majority homeowners urge to save valuable living space, almost all duct system in residential homes are initially and intentionally undersized, and later modified without proper calculation and airflow consideration, which makes the problem even worth.

A professionally designed ductwork on the other hand should have shorter duct runs and minimal number of various fittings. It is should be correctly sized and installed within the conditioned space.

Poor duct installation

Even if the ductwork is designed well, it could be incorrectly installed. Most ducted heating and cooling systems leak air because the installer did not seal the leaks. The more air leaks out of the duct, the more energy it takes to heat and cool your home. Another common problem – duct runs through attic and crawl spaces must be insulated. As the installation ages, if not properly installed the duct insulation falls off. Also, to save installation costs, installers use flexible ducts that come pre-insulated, but the flexible duct kinks in the duct will restrict air flow.

Unbalanced ducts

Ductwork must be balanced! An unbalanced duct system does not provide adequate air flow. Most duct systems have never been balanced and others have been improperly adjusted. The result is that one room gets more conditioned air, while another room less. Each room needs the right amount of air.  Your heating and cooling system will work longer and harder to create necessary comfort in your home.

Not enough air returns

Another common problem!  Many homes have a centrally located air return. But closing doors to rooms cutting off the supply of air to the return and creates a pressure imbalance. A better designed ductwork has a return grille in every room that has a supply duct.

Pressure differences

Many of these problems can cause pressure differences between rooms or the inside and outside of your home, which in turn create air leakage from the outside. It is called infiltration. Cold drafts in winter, hot and humid air leaks in summer – your ducted heating and cooling system will work longer to condition this “unconditional” air, thus running your energy bills high.

Ductless mini split air conditioner eliminates these problems:

  • Uneven temperatures
  • Dust and air pollutants causing allergy and other health problems
  • Smells traveling throughout the house
  • Wasted energy
  • Temperature swings during the day
  • Are over 60 years old and cannot be torn up for ductwork

ductless mini split in home consultation

A ducted heating and cooling system is impractical and unnecessary. Now homeowners have better option – that is a ductless mini split air conditioner, which is completely customizable based upon your home configuration and your own preferences. With ductless system, families not only achieve comfort, but healthy environment in their home.

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    Had a weird problem with my ducted heating and cooling system. It smelled dead cat. I sprayed chemicals, called duct cleaning people. They looked inside with a special devise, like x-ray I guess, found nothing interesting. I do not know what happened but one day the smell was gone. Was it me? Anyone had experiences like this?

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    if a duct work poorly designed, it will force your heating and cooling system work much longer than needed, so it becomes inefficient and wastes more energy to get the same job done, as you would with an efficient system. Almost all duct system in residential homes are initially and intentionally undersized, that is to save initial costs and space, which makes it common problem

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      Richair Comfort Solutions

      Correct, poorly designed ductwork costs a lot, starting with wasted production and installation costs, and ending up with everyday wasted energy


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