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Electricity bills differ home to home because of the variance in usage of devices. Every appliance you heavily use throughout the day adds their individual substantial contribution to make up the complete utility bill. Therefore, it is best to calculate electricity usage of each appliance and thus, manage our tasks accordingly to keep things feasible.

Calculate electricity usageIts fairly easy to calculate electricity usage of various appliances. Most of the devices come with a labelled information which states the amount of watts it uses. This information can be used, along with the average number of hours the device is turned on, to calculate total consumption of the particular machine. The mathematics has been simplified to four easy steps:


Look around for the label stating number of watt units consumed by the air conditioner and multiply it with the number of hours taken per day. For example, your air conditioner uses 300 Watt and the closest estimate of hours the air conditioner is on in your home is 6.
300 Watt x 6 hours = 1,800 Watt per day



If you have ever gone through the bills, you would know that the electricity measure is mentioned in kilowatt instead of Watt. Quite easily, we can divide the above result by 1,000 to get the units in kWh.
1,800 watt-per-day/1,000 = 1.8kWh per day



From this step we have to take the equation a bit further. The calculated figure is only for the units consumed per day, in 24 hours. The bills, however, are costed for the entire month. To get the value for all 30 days, simply multiply the figure by 30.
1.8kWh per day x 30 days = 54kWh per month



There is normally no fixed rate of cost per unit watt in most of the cities. The best way, nevertheless, to calculate the best estimate of your next electricity bill is to keep the last one mailed to your address in consideration. Look at how much you pay per kWh and make your calculation accordingly.
For instance, the television you watch for 3 hours per day consumes 11.25kWh per month, the air conditioner 54kWh per month as calculated above. By studying your last bill, you pay, for example, 10 cents ($0.10) per kiloWatt-hour. To get the exact cost your device is weighing in the utility bill, simply multiply the electricity rate by the kWh per-month.
54kWh per-month x $0.10 per-kWh = $5.40 per-month

Calculate electricity usage


Calculating electricity consumption per device is extremely easy, as well as a wise way of cutting down costs without disturbing your basic needs. The air conditioner, in this case, is pretty costly. Appliances such as air conditioner, refrigerator, computer, electric tea kettle, etc. can still be utilized without soaring the bills. You just have to follow four steps and act more astutely!

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