Professional Ductless Mini Split Maintenance

Professional ductless mini split maintenance offers plenty of benefits, only if you give your system regular attention. This isn’t an overwhelming job. It just needs should be consistent. A homeowner can do some light maintenance herself, but it is probably a better idea to get a professional to do the job. A ductless mini split is a sizable investment, you want to protect it.

Professional ductless mini split maintenance
Professional ductless mini split maintenance




Why should you call us for maintenance?



Professional Quality, We Do a Better Job

Yes, that’s right! The Mitsubishi Electric products are known for their high quality, our professional ductless mini split maintenance techniques are just the same. This is why our company continues to be highly recommended. Our view is that a maintenance is not only cleaning a system, but also making sure the we do our best to prolong its life and maximize efficiency. We have lost count of how many times we open a malfunctioning unit and find how poorly it was maintained. Simple logic: a sloppy maintenance leads to unnecessary, avoidable malfunctions and extra expenses.



100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It is true. We have nothing to hide, and lots to show you! We offer professional ductless mini split maintenance, but if you find our technicians doing sloppy job, not paying attention to your ductless system, or even worth – to your personal belongings – we will make things right or refund your money.



Paying attention to details

More than 20 years of experience in ductless mini split service and repair has taught us that the best way to keep the system break-free is to properly maintain it. In other words: the right service starts with right maintenance, and only if we pay attention to details. During professional ductless mini split maintenance our technicians pinpoint possible future system failures, offer a repair solution so your ductless mini split will not “surprise” you in the middle of 100 degree summer day



Save Money

A well known fact – a new system is more efficient that an older one. The difference is cleanness! A new ductless mini split comes crisp from the box, but an older one collected duct, web, grease, and even mold. Besides the fact that these contaminants must be professionally cleaned, or they might become airborne, your system might be “choking” and of’ course working without result. In other words your system will keep spinning your electric meter. Maintaining your equipment in clean order is the most cost effective solution

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