Ductless Mini Split Expert Service Repair and Maintenance

Richair Comfort Solutions offers professional ductless mini split expert service repair and maintenance, chemical-pressure cleaning for residential and light commercial customers in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, as well as some areas in Bergen and Hudson Counties, New Jersey.

Our service and repair team works hard to provide our clients with unmatched quality of service. Any HVAC system consist of components that heat, cool, filter, and dehumidify the air. These include air handling units (blowers) and outdoor (condenser) units. The lifespan, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of any of these systems hinges on regular and effective service and periodic cleaning. Without a regular attention, systems won’t operate like they should.

Get Expert Service:

A ductless mini split system offers plenty of benefits, but you need to give your system regular attention. This isn’t an overwhelming job, it just needs should be consistent. A homeowner can do some light maintenance herself, but it is probably a better idea to get a professional to do the job. A ductless mini split is a sizable investment, you want to protect it.

Get Professional Maintenance:


Why hire a professional service technician?

You would not go to a cheapest doctor, would you? Why would you rely on a cheapest air conditioning service? Unfortunately many homeowners fall into “it is too expensive” trap, and opt for cheap labor. No wonder they end up paying much more for repairs.

Get ductless mini split expert service repair and maintenanceHere is a common scenario: a homeowner came to our office, complaining about his not working Mitsubishi systems, there was no cooling in the house and he already spent a lot of money on repairs. He insisted the system needed refrigerant (freon), because there was a leak…

First, how does a homeowner know that the system needs refrigerant?: “Another “AC guy” charged refrigerant every year…” Well, if you rely on an “AC guy”, you will be wasting your money to charge refrigerant every year (and then shop for cheaper price to charge that refrigerant), while proper installation and professional service could have the system running without problems for at least 12-15 years! Refrigerant (freon) should not be charged every year. It should be charged once and for all, it does not wear off, and should not be replaced. In many cases in order to work properly the system needs proper maintenance.

Second, this homeowner had been given an estimate for a professional installation of ductless mini split system a few years back, but chose a cheaper price from another company. Now he came to us for repair.

Save the headache and money, do not go this route, instead rely on ductless mini split expert service repair and maintenance!