Dual Zone Mini Split Heat Pump System in Middle Village, NY

Dual-Zone Mini Split Heat Pump System in Middle Village, NY Small homes with big needs require multi-zone mini split heat pump systems. That’s exactly what our sales rep. Peter recommended to Cindy O. in Middle Village during her free in-home consultation. There are many causes that make home temperatures uneven. The solution involves a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units to warm up or cool specific areas in consideration, without messing up the space. Cindy’s house in Middle Village is a residential, single family home. Very close to other residences on either side, it leaves little walls for the exterior. Resident Cindy reached… read more

5-zone Ductless Comfort System in Forest Hills, NY

Ductless System in Forest Hills, NY

5-zone Ductless Comfort System in Forest Hills, NY Buildings with more than one story and multiple rooms require a stronger and more stable temperature controlling system. Mitsubishi Electric offers a ductless comfort system which operate efficiently in multiple zones in a single unit house. Our customer Alex C. is a resident in a 2 story townhouse in Forest Hills, NY. Alex wanted a quick comfort solution for his accommodation containing a number of bedrooms and living rooms. He wanted the ductless system to be standard in all zones under consideration, with equal efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness. After a quick… read more

Mitsubishi Single-Zone Cooling System in Astoria, NY

Mitsubishi Ductless Air Conditioner Installed in Astoria, NY

Mitsubishi Single-Zone Cooling System in Astoria, NY Tropical regions where the summer’s heat scorches through the entire year is where the air conditioners blossom. Richair Comfort Solutions and Mitsubishi bring exceptional quality air conditioners and single-zone cooling systems to problem areas. Customer Chris L. contacted Richair Comfort Solutions from his townhouse residence in Astoria, NY. He wanted an exclusive air conditioner to operate his house with cool and clean air throughout the season. We suggested to him our Mitsubishi 24,000 BTU Single-Zone cooling system. Chris showed his prompt agreement and scheduled for an installation in the following week. Richair Comfort… read more

Installed Mitsubishi Tri-Zone Heat Pump System in Elmhurst, NY

Heat Pump Installed in Elmhurst, NY

Installed Mitsubishi Tri-Zone Heat Pump System in Elmhurst, NY In places where there are many rooms and space is lesser than that of a contemporary home, ductless comfort systems often result to be a difficulty. However, Richair Comfort Solutions offers tri-zone heat pump systems which are specifically set up for apartments. When Richair receives a request for a free-in home consultation, the customer always finds the comfort solution they need. Customer Ada D. lives in a fine residential building in Elmhurst, NY. She wanted a ductless comfort solution for her 3-roomed apartment. Post a survey of her accommodation, we offered her our… read more

Ductless heat pump in Astoria, NY


Ductless heat pump in Astoria, NY Heating, ventilating and air conditioning, also known as HVAC, is a home comfort system suitable for all types of homes. Houses that require constant temperature regulation in either of the seasons find HVAC or ductless heat pump systems the best comfort solution to their problem. Customer Costas lives in a fine house in Astoria, NY, with large and multiple rooms. He reached Richair Comfort Solutions as he wanted a ductless system to regulate the home temperature throughout the year. We suggested Costas our famous Tri-Zone Ductless Heat Pump system consisting of 9000, 12000 and… read more

Installed floor mounted ductless units in Forest Hills, NY

floor mounted ductless units

Installed floor mounted ductless units in Forest Hills, NY Areas with smaller spare spaces must not suffer the lack of a temperature regulator in extreme seasons. Besides ductless comfort systems with multiple handlers, Mitsubishi Electric provides floor mounted ductless units for homes with insufficient wall-space. Customer Andrew resides in a family-home in Forest Hills, NY. He wanted a comfort solution for rooms in his house which did not have enough wall space to accommodate the standard ductless unit. Post a quick survey of the room in subject, we offered him the installation of our equally energy-efficient Floor Mounted Ductless Unit… read more

Neat ductless installation in Ridgewood, NY


Neat ductless installation in Ridgewood, NY Ductless comfort solutions marginally cut down on energy loss than it does on the installation effort. A Quad ductless installation system with multiple indoor units and condenser is another facilitated temperature controller for multiple zones under consideration at a surprisingly affordable price. Resident Robert lives in a multi-family home in Ridgewood, NY. He reached out to Richair Comfort Solutions and elaborated on his requirement of ductless installation of a comfort solution which will accommodate multiple rooms with equal efficiency of cooling regulation. Upon our suggestion, Robert arranged for the installation of the Quad system… read more

Two ductless Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NA systems in Union City, NJ

ductless mitsubishi

Two ductless Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NA systems in Union City, NJ Apart from being heavy on the bills, extensive energy-consumption is still a severe issue in conventional air conditioning systems. Ductless Mitsubishi systems operate in multiple-zones with a heat-pump configuration, efficiently consuming lowest possible power. Resident Erik lives in a two-family home in Union City, NJ. He contacted Richair Comfort Solutions and explained the details of his home containing multiple rooms. Erik wanted a comfort solution which would work effectively for heating and cooling, and would also be affordable at the same time. We offered him two of our featured Ductless Mitsubishi… read more

Ductless installation in Jamaica, NY

ductless installation

Ductless installation in Jamaica, NY Dual-zoned ductless systems are perfect for houses with double stories and also with homes that have rooms used infrequently. Dual-zone split systems take multiple zones into consideration for the temperature to be regulated by ductless installation. Resident Phil resides in an established private home in Jamaica, NY, with an open sky and minimum trees enclosing the abode. A close friend suggested Richair to Phil, upon which he emailed us requesting for a ductless split system. Phil elaborated that he had few rooms which were un-occupied mostly. He was looking for a system that would be… read more

Ductless Comfort System Installation in Flushing, NY

comfort system installation

Ductless Comfort System Installation in Flushing, NY Ductless mini-split systems are rapidly becoming a novelty due to their room-by-room control of temperature. A ductless comfort system installation which provides ductless regulation of temperature with startling efficiency is a very smart alternative to conventional air-conditioners. Resident Marilyn lives in a private family home in Flushing, NY. She wrote to Richair Comfort Solutions after having tried several conventional air-conditioners to counter the hot summers. Marilyn elaborated on the current temperature-controllers in her home. Those were coming off insufficient to efficiently cool her house throughout the days. Consequently, we proposed her our Mitsubishi… read more