Make the Switch to Stay Cooler with Ductless Units

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Make the Switch to Stay Cooler with Ductless Units and Enjoy Lower Energy Bills Summer time brings warmer weather, green grass, and sometimes, outdated and high cost ac units. The weather is finally warm and those systems took a beating all fall and winter long and you might be realizing that they are not working as well as they used to, that your AC unit is just not cooling your house, or that your electric bill has skyrocketed. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. “We’re booked solid with new installation jobs.” said Alex R., the Project Manager at… read more

Ducted Heating and Cooling Problems

No ducts? No problem with a mini split!

High energy bills? Running ducted heating and cooling costs much more than a ductless mini split air conditioner system. Stop wasting efforts trying to even-out temperatures in your home, it is not possible with ducted heating and cooling system. Instead switch to ductless mini split system, and start enjoying precisely tuned comfort in every room, and save energy and money. Ask yourself: why one switch (a wall thermostat) should turn on the whole HVAC system and air start blowing in every room without any regard if that room needs to be cooled or heated? However plenty of homes still use… read more

What is a Mini Split System?

A mini split system refers to a heating and air conditioning with separate parts – the evaporator unit is mounted inside, while the condenser unit sits outside. There is only a small hole for the conduit that contains the refrigerant tubing, power cord and condensate drain. This conduit runs between the indoor unit and the condenser/compressor outdoor, so installation is easier than having to add ducts in a “non-ducted” home. If the mini split system is set up for it, it can offer heating and cooling. To heat, they would required a heat pump condenser instead of an air conditioning… read more

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner for Home Zoning

The benefits of ductless mini split systems.

Achieve home comfort  by creating ductless mini split air conditioner zoning Have rooms too hot, or too cold? Stop suffering and finally achieve home comfort  by creating ductless mini split air conditioner zoning.   Ask yourself: what if all of the lights in your home were turned off and on at the same time using a single switch? Most homeowners would not want to have that! However plenty of homes still use that same impractical and inefficient concept for heating and cooling. A single thermostat controls the temperature for the entire home, causing some rooms be too hot, other rooms… read more

Cooling and Heating a Hotel Lobby

Use ductless mini splits to cool and heat hotels.

Cooling and Heating a Hotel Lobby Richair Comfort Solutions installed a ductless heat pump system to offset the hotel lobby draft situation and improve cooling and heating conditions. The General Manager of the hotel, who asked not to use his name, called us to design and build a new cooling and heating system to supplement the main lobby HVAC system. “The lobby was getting strong drafts when guests were passing through entrance doors, so it was extremely uncomfortable” – he said. “We tried different options, but nothing helped. When doors opened, all conditioned air was blown away by the draft, so… read more

Shopping for cheap ductless system

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“…so, you are shopping for cheap ductless system, right?” Parting with our hard earned savings is not easy; everyone is looking for a deal. When shopping for cheap ductless system, one must remember – it is not something you buy in a store; it has to be properly installed. The key word is – properly! Manufacturers always stressing out importance of building a network of trained contractors, they understand that only a properly installed and maintained ductless system can perform as it has been initially designed. “If your heating or cooling systems features cutting-edge energy-efficiency design, make sure the company… read more

Thermostat Interface for ductless systems

Thermostat Interface for ductless systems

Mitsubishi Electric introduced the most advanced Thermostat Interface for ductless systems The Thermostat Interface PAC-US444CN-1 allows conventional HVAC thermostats or other on/off controllers to control commercial City-Multi and residential M-Series indoor units. The device uses a patent pending algorithm to vary the INVERTER-driven compressor capacity in order to save energy. It accomplishes this by setting up and wiring a thermostat for a conventional system control with two stages of heating and cooling. “This is the most advanced Thermostat Interface for ductless systems in the industry” claims the Mitsubishi Electric’ bulletin. “Third party thermostats or on/off controllers can control the indoor unit’s fan speed to… read more

Ductless Mini Splits in New Construction Project

Ductless mini splits in new construction

If you are building a new home and strive to become more energy-efficient, you probably should install one of the most cost-effective systems to control the climate in each room all year around. Ductless mini splits allow customizing comfort in each and every room. No need to heat the kitchen or the bedroom when your living room or a kid’s room is too cool. Ductless mini splits for new home construction.               Ductless mini split technology offers a new range of efficiency and comfort—benefits that previously required higher cost or added complexity. To help… read more

New factory warranties for ductless systems

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Mitsubishi Electric has announced the new factory warranties for ductless systems across all product families. All ductless systems installed after April 1, 2015 qualify for the updated warranty. Select systems (in particular the M-series units) installed by Diamond Contractors are eligible for 12-year parts and compressor warranties. Below are the guidelines for the new factory limited warranties. 12-year parts and 12-year compressor warranty is available to the original owner provided the system is: Installed by a Diamond Contractor in a residential single-family owner-occupied home Registered by the installing contractor through the Extranet within 90 days of installation 10-year parts and 10-year… read more

Ductless Heat Pumps in Light Commercial

Ductless Heat Pumps in Light Commercial

Ductless Heat Pumps in Light Commercial Application Richair comfort Solutions has been servicing VLS Pharmacy existing conventional HVAC systems since 1998. In the summer of 2014, the owner of the pharmacy asked us to design and build a new heating and cooling systems for the new compound room. The project required a complete interior renovation to meet the operational needs, therefore the existing air conditioning system had to be replaced. Peter M. (our Product Specialist) offered a hybrid Mitsubishi City-Multi / M-Series system. He worked out details with construction manager and mechanical engineer to integrate the new ductless heat pumps… read more