Hot Summer Days – How to Keep Your Ductless System Functioning

hot summer days

Hot Summer Days – How to Keep Your Ductless System Functioning When summers are around the corner, we all start wondering about the ways to keep ourselves cool and our houses cooler. Apart from shopping for summer clothes and stocking the houses with cold fluids, read below for some exceptional tips for hot summer days to keep your ductless systems in order. Clean up the Air Filters: Changing or cleaning the air filters of the ductless comfort system installed in your rooms surprisingly enhances the cooling performance. It is reported to have observed that cleaning air filters every two months… read more

How to Clean Your Ductless System: A 3-step Guide

Internal unit for mini split.

How to Clean Ductless System in Three Steps A ductless system (indoor unit) installed at the head of your room’s wall requires attention from time-to-time. More particularly, before summer and around the time the nipping winds go away. The fact that they are installed higher than your own height or that they appear sleek and tidy doesn’t erase the need for internal cleaning. Furthermore, the question that arises is how. A clean ductless system from the inside boost its efficiency. Clean off the debris to enhance the lifespan of your ductless system, observe potential issues before they get worse. You can… read more

Ductless Comfort Systems in Winter – How to Keep Up

Winter Home

Ductless Comfort Systems in Winter – How to Keep Up You know it is the time of winter when the winds get nippy and a desire to keep the windows closed arise. The ductless comfort systems in winters also need to gear up for heating in full swing, and wisdom is to keep them maintained prior to switching on the heater. Read below to acquire some tips on how to keep your ductless comfort systems proper and functioning when the winter takes the toll on. Keep the external unit clean of leaves and snow: First and foremost – the external unit… read more



Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating just introduced new PUMY-P36NKMU1, PUMY-P48NKMU1, and PUMY-P60NKMU1 outdoor units. These are new addition to S-Series (PUMY) outdoor unit City-Multi family. The lineup includes the following models: PUMY-P36NKMU1 PUMY-P48NKMU1 PUMY-P60NKMU1 The main feature of these new PUMY units include: All models are ENERGY STAR® qualified SEER rating improvement of 29% (average of all three models vs. previous generation) HSPF rating improvement of 27% (average of all three models vs. previous generation) Extended heating operating range down to -13° F Extended cooling operating range down to 5° F Blue Fin condenser coating standard on all models Piping length improvements… read more

Control Cooling and Heating Regardless Of Where You Are

Control cooling and heating regardless of where you are Cooling and heating the home isn’t what it used to be—and that’s a good thing! For decades, forced-air central systems dominated the marketplace. In recent years, however, we’ve seen tremendous advancement across a broad swath of product categories, like home climate control. Today, homeowners enjoy a rich variety of exciting new options for cooling and heating. Of them all, there’s perhaps none more exciting than the zoned systems pioneered by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating. To control the temperature level in your home in the past meant running (and paying) for… read more

7 reasons that make home temperatures uneven (continued)

uneven temperatures

7 reasons that make home temperatures uneven (continued) In the first part of this analysis we discussed how home temperatures fluctuate, and what is the nature and mechanics. Read through, ask additional questions (in the comment section below), and you could fix this comfort issue without getting a contractor involved. Here are 7 reasons that make home temperatures uneven: 4. Ductwork acts as a stack pipe. As mentioned above, when the fan shuts off, the supply branches and grilles in different levels act as a stack pipe. It is similar to a chimney effect. The vertical stack, called trunk, allows… read more

7 reasons that make home temperatures uneven

uneven temperature

7 reasons that make home temperatures uneven Majority of homeowners think that a central HVAC system can maintain constant and even home temperatures throughout your home. This is one of the most common misconceptions. There plenty of articles that advise homeowners what to do in order to make the entire home feel more comfortable. All of these articles say the same: “If you having temperature fluctuations from one room to the other, or between two or more levels of your house – call a reputable heating and cooling company, they will give suggestions on how to best deal with such… read more

Ductless vs. Window Air-Conditioner: 3 factors to consider

Energy Guide

Ductless vs. Window Air-Conditioner: 3 factors to consider Ductless vs. Window Air-Conditioner comparison is a valuable side-by-side tool for savvy shoppers. See 3 major factors to consider: Efficiency: A ductless system costs more up front than a window unit, but over the long term, however, a ductless cooling and heating system pays back with the system’s outstanding energy efficiency. If compared with the average window unit, a ductless cooling and heating system consumes 40 percent fewer energy, so a homeowner can enjoy lower monthly utility bills during the cooling season. Savings wouldn’t mean much if your home felt uncomfortable. Even though… read more

Debunking 3 Myths About Ductless Air Conditioner

Create zones in your home with ductless mini splits.

Ductless Air Conditioner – debunking 3 popular myths Mini-split ductless air conditioner offers a great alternative to your space additions that need cooling even though duct work is non-existent or simply not feasible. It is easier to install over central air conditioning and it is offer more energy efficient than a central air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, ductless air conditioner is the subject of all types of misinformation and myths. Today we’re going to debunk a few popular myths about it: Mini-split ductless air conditioner only suitable for new construction. False! Mini-split ductless air conditioner is a great option for zonal cooling… read more

Replace your Window Air Conditioner with Ductless System

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Replace your Window Air Conditioner with Ductless System Get that ugly, inefficient and noisy window unit out for good! A ductless system offers much cleaner appearance, higher efficiency, and unmatched comfort. If you are shopping for a window air conditioner, before you make any decision, be sure to consider all options. Today’s cooling and heating technology offers ultra quiet, sleek and super-high efficient ductless system, so window units become increasingly outdated. For all their attractive pros—low initial cost, portability, easiness of putting in – these appliances come with a multitude of off-putting cons. First, even the most energy-efficient models are… read more