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How Does Groundhog Day Affect Your Home?


Groundhog Day 2018 If you believe in the Groundhog Day tradition, it’s a relief to hear that the cold dark winter days are hopefully coming to an end. There are always conflicting predictions from groundhogs in different regions, but our native furry forecaster named Staten Island Chuck has a thriving record of 80% accuracy. Our local groundhog provides the local prediction for the greater New York area. That means that while busy New Yorkers were getting ready for work on Thursday morning, Chuck emerged from his hibernation to let them know there’ll be an early spring. If you live in Queens,… read more

Hot Summer Days – How to Keep Your Ductless System Functioning

hot summer days

Hot Summer Days – How to Keep Your Ductless System Functioning When summers are around the corner, we all start wondering about the ways to keep ourselves cool and our houses cooler. Apart from shopping for summer clothes and stocking the houses with cold fluids, read below for some exceptional tips for hot summer days to keep your ductless systems in order. Clean up the Air Filters: Changing or cleaning the air filters of the ductless comfort system installed in your rooms surprisingly enhances the cooling performance. It is reported to have observed that cleaning air filters every two months… read more

Richair Receives Mitsubishi 2016 Award

Richair receives Award of Excellence from Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating November 2016, Richair was invited to the Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor Conference which took place at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. This convention focused on the northeast USA market for HVAC solutions. The Diamond Contractor Conference event offers seminars on the especially valuable benefits of ductless technology. Richair has shown initiative and quality as a standard in HVAC solutions in the NYC area. As a result, Mitsubishi presented Richair with an award of Excellence. Owner Boris Ermant accepted the award on behalf of the company in front of over a hundred local Diamond Contractors. The seminars… read more

Richair Earns Super Service Award for 5 Straight Years

5 Years Straight: Richair Comfort Solutions Has Earned The Service Industry’s Super Service Award In 2012, Richair had the honor of being named the service industry leader on Angie’s List. This year, they accept their 5th straight Super Service Award! Angie’s List has recognized Richair as one of the few top A-rated companies in it’s category consecutively. However, the actual grading comes from customer reviews, ratings, and engagement. Since 1994, they have brought heating and cooling comfort to so many homes in the NYC area that people can’t stop talking about it! Angie’s List may give the award, but we can’t… read more

How to Clean Your Ductless System: A 3-step Guide

Internal unit for mini split.

How to Clean Ductless System in Three Steps A ductless system (indoor unit) installed at the head of your room’s wall requires attention from time-to-time. More particularly, before summer and around the time the nipping winds go away. The fact that they are installed higher than your own height or that they appear sleek and tidy doesn’t erase the need for internal cleaning. Furthermore, the question that arises is how. A clean ductless system from the inside boost its efficiency. Clean off the debris to enhance the lifespan of your ductless system, observe potential issues before they get worse. You can… read more

Ductless Comfort Systems in Winter – How to Keep Up

Winter Home

Ductless Comfort Systems in Winter – How to Keep Up You know it is the time of winter when the winds get nippy and a desire to keep the windows closed arise. The ductless comfort systems in winters also need to gear up for heating in full swing, and wisdom is to keep them maintained prior to switching on the heater. Read below to acquire some tips on how to keep your ductless comfort systems proper and functioning when the winter takes the toll on. Keep the external unit clean of leaves and snow: First and foremost – the external unit… read more

Calculate Electricity Usage

energy savings richair

Calculate Electricity Usage Electricity bills differ home to home because of the variance in usage of devices. Every appliance you heavily use throughout the day adds their individual substantial contribution to make up the complete utility bill. Therefore, it is best to calculate electricity usage of each appliance and thus, manage our tasks accordingly to keep things feasible. Its fairly easy to calculate electricity usage of various appliances. Most of the devices come with a labelled information which states the amount of watts it uses. This information can be used, along with the average number of hours the device is turned… read more

Cutting Bills Is Easy


Cutting Bills Is Easy No matter where we live, excessive energy-consumption doesn’t spare us, and utility bills have soared way too high for all of us. However, with a little extra care and following these tips, you can substantially cut down your energy bills. Cutting bills by investing additional money in high efficiency lighting and appliances is quite common. Nevertheless, you can save hundreds of dollars simply by adopting these easy tricks and watch the drastic change in your bills. 5 ways to help cutting bills: Electronic appliances would have gone extinct by now if ways to limit the utility spend were… read more



Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating just introduced new PUMY-P36NKMU1, PUMY-P48NKMU1, and PUMY-P60NKMU1 outdoor units. These are new addition to S-Series (PUMY) outdoor unit City-Multi family. The lineup includes the following models: PUMY-P36NKMU1 PUMY-P48NKMU1 PUMY-P60NKMU1 The main feature of these new PUMY units include: All models are ENERGY STAR® qualified SEER rating improvement of 29% (average of all three models vs. previous generation) HSPF rating improvement of 27% (average of all three models vs. previous generation) Extended heating operating range down to -13° F Extended cooling operating range down to 5° F Blue Fin condenser coating standard on all models Piping length improvements… read more

MVZ Multi-position air handler completes Diamond Comfort System™


New MVZ Multi-position air handler completes Diamond Comfort System™ for home cooling and heating Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric), America’s No. 1 selling brand of ductless cooling and heating systems, has introduced the MVZ multi-position air handler for residential applications. The MVZ air handler could be connected to a Mitsubishi Electric Hyper-Heating INVERTER™ (H2i®) MXZ-C multi-zone outdoor unit to create the Diamond Comfort System (DCS). The air handler is designed to efficiently cool and heat larger zones, entire floors or whole homes as part of the DCS package. Connecting the MVZ air handler to a high-performance… read more