Installed Mitsubishi Tri-Zone Heat Pump System in Elmhurst, NY

In places where there are many rooms and space is lesser than that of a contemporary home, ductless comfort systems often result to be a difficulty. However, Richair Comfort Solutions offers tri-zone heat pump systems which are specifically set up for apartments. When Richair receives a request for a free-in home consultation, the customer always finds the comfort solution they need.

Customer Ada D. lives in a fine residential building in Elmhurst, NY. She wanted a ductless comfort solution for her 3-roomed apartment. Post a survey of her accommodation, we offered her our Tri-Zoned Mitsubishi Heat Pump System. It consists of one 9000 BTU and two 15000 BTU indoor units also connected to a single outdoor unit. She gave in her ready consent and discussed a convenient date for the installations.

Tri-Zone Heat PumpRichair Comfort Solutions is exclusively affiliated with Mitsubishi Electric. They work together to provide ductless comfort systems that are amazingly cost-effective, and also brilliantly energy-efficient. Additionally, these comfort systems are famous to deliver excellent performance of heating and cooling regulation in any region. Complex and advanced features such as clean indoor air through sieving facility makes Tri-Zoned Mitsubishi Heat Pump System an irreplaceable comfort. Tall commercial buildings or a house at the street’s corner, keep everyone under the roof happy without ever anticipating heavy energy-bills.

Our expert staff installed the system consisting of one 9,000 and two 15,000 BTU indoor wall-mount ductless units, all connected to a 36,000 BTU outdoor condenser.  They mounted the condenser on the back-wall of the apartment and also installed the units in the rooms of her choice. Our team also briefed her on maintenance tips and operational guide. We thanked her for her applauded feedback which came shortly afterwards:

“Professional, polite and very punctual. Very thankful for all the help!”



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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Division’s (MEHVAC) advanced climate control systems have improved customers’ homes and lives for the last 30 years. Ductless comfort system improves comfort while conserving energy and promoting environmental sustainability. Mitsubishi Electric is the third largest manufacturer of cooling and heating systems in the world, and it is dedicated to become the number one provider of comfort systems in America.


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