Neat heat pump installation in Queens, NY

People began to demand mini-split heat-pump systems when talk about cost-efficiency and improved working spread from home-to-home. As a result, conventional air-conditioners began to lose the market much faster than expected. Today, winters and summers are well-looked after with fine, heat pump installation.

heat pump installation
Sunnyside, Queens, N.Y.

Resident Edward lives in a single-family home in Sunnyside, one of the Queens neighborhood, NY. He reached out to Richair Comfort Solutions with the grievance of inadequate temperature regulation in both the seasons. Edward appeared exasperated with his current temperature-controlling resources that were coming short in the blistering summers of NY. We offered him our Mitsubishi heat pump system consisting of two MSZ-GL06NA, one MSZ-GL12NA indoor units with MXZ-3C24NA outdoor unit. He agreed to have installation carried out shortly within the next week.

heat pump installationMitsubishi Electric is exclusively affiliated with Richair Comfort Solutions. They work together to bring unique ductless comfort systems that provide unequaled, energy-efficient performance of heating as well as cooling control in any region. Further, Mitsubishi Heat-Pump System involves advanced features to provide clean and quality indoor air through its sieving feature. It comes with quiet, whispering indoor as well as outdoor units, conveniently controlled by smartphone apps.

Resident Edward chose the rooms to install the indoor handlers and the outdoor unit was installed with perfect appropriation on the exterior of the house. Edward expressed his immediate pleasure with the compact designs and smart working of the units. He also promised to reach back to us in case of any technical issue and shortly afterwards, wrote us a motivating feedback:

“Thumbs up to Richair for finding the best solution to my problem! I regret having wasted so much time to reach them.”




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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Division’s (MEHVAC) advanced climate control systems have improved customers’ homes and lives for the last 30 years. Ductless comfort system improves comfort while conserving energy and promoting environmental sustainability. Mitsubishi Electric is the third largest manufacturer of cooling and heating systems in the world, and it is dedicated to become the number one provider of comfort systems in America.


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