Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat System in Long Island City, NY

Thanks to modern technology in construction, like Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat System, air-conditioned commercial buildings came into popular existence. Today, many of the conventional apartments are transformed with split systems for temperature control, and yet haven’t lost the tidy appearance overall.

Installed Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat System in Apartment Building“Apartments Five27” is a five story condominium in Long Island City, New York. During winters and summers, the building essentially requires a fit system of hyper-heat and air-condition, while keeping the interior uncluttered. Resident Nina L. wished to enhance the heating system in her apartment, since her primary heating source was coming short in freezing winters. Nina contacted Richair Comfort Solutions to boost the heat-control, and agreed on Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat System with two outdoor units. This allows precise control for excellent energy-saving and also cuts the utility costs dramatically.

Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat System
Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat System

Mitsubishi Electric works exclusively with Richair Comfort Solutions to bring unique ductless comfort systems. They provide unequaled, energy-efficient performance of heating as well as cooling control in any zone in consideration. Importantly, Mitsubishi Hyper-Heat System involves advanced feature to provide clean and quality indoor air through its sieving feature, and also quiet, whispering in- & out-door units conveniently controlled by smartphone apps.

Our efficient staff installed the outdoor units the very next day, along with four high-efficiency wall-mount indoor units with piping hidden under the existing deck tiles. Nina expressed her pleased feedback with Hyper-Heat ductless system. She particularly commended the convenient installation which caused no messy duct work or damage to her apartment’s architecture. Furthermore, she was exceptionally happy with our properly-trained staff. They guided her on maintenance of the units and their disposition as well. She promised to reach back to our professional team for any technical help and parted with us warmly with her apartment snug and warmed-up.


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Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating Division’s (MEHVAC) advanced climate control systems have improved customers’ homes and lives for the last 30 years. Ductless comfort system improves comfort while conserving energy and promoting environmental sustainability. Mitsubishi Electric is the third largest manufacturer of cooling and heating systems in the world, and it is dedicated to become the number one provider of comfort systems in America.


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