Ductless Heat Pumps in Light Commercial Application

Ductless Heat Pumps in Light Commercial
VLS Pharmacy, Brooklyn, NY

Richair comfort Solutions has been servicing VLS Pharmacy existing conventional HVAC systems since 1998. In the summer of 2014, the owner of the pharmacy asked us to design and build a new heating and cooling systems for the new compound room. The project required a complete interior renovation to meet the operational needs, therefore the existing air conditioning system had to be replaced.

Peter M. (our Product Specialist) offered a hybrid Mitsubishi City-Multi / M-Series system. He worked out details with construction manager and mechanical engineer to integrate the new ductless heat pumps in light commercial design.

“This was a challenging task, the store did not close for one day.”

Installation technicians did an exceptional job working around merchandise and customers. All work was finished on time, system started and commissioned per manufacturer standards.

VLS Pharmacy is located in the diverse neighborhood of Sunset Park, offers prescriptions, compounded medications, vitamins, and a range of specialty health and beauty products. Serving  community for many years, the staff has developed strong relationships with customers.

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Mitsubishi Electric Equipment Installed:

(1) MXZ-4B36NA M-Series outdoor unit

(2) SLZ-KA15NA.TH M-Series indoor cassette units

(2) PUZ-HA36NHA4 City-Multi outdoor units

(2) PLA-A36BA4 City-Multi indoor wall-mount units

(4) MHK1 wireless WiFi controllers

(2) WB-PA2 wind baffles

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    I have seen them work, I stopped by to pick up my weekly medicine refill. These guys work amazingly fast and neat. No talking, playing music, singing, dancing and whistling at girls. They stick to work and do not let go till it is done. Goo job Richair!

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    Wondering how hard was it to work around the crowd. You guys did not close the store, ha, good job! I am looking to cool down my barber shop, and want you to work around my customers too, carefully, not to disturb hair on their heads ­čÖé seriously, can you do that?


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