How to Clean Your Ductless System: A 3-step Guide

Internal unit for mini split.

How to Clean Ductless System in Three Steps A ductless system (indoor unit) installed at the head of your room’s wall requires attention from time-to-time. More particularly, before summer and around the time the nipping winds go away. The fact that they are installed higher than your own height or that they appear sleek and tidy doesn’t erase the need for internal cleaning. Furthermore, the question that arises is how. A clean ductless system from the inside boost its efficiency. Clean off the debris to enhance the lifespan of your ductless system, observe potential issues before they get worse. You can… read more

Ductless Comfort Systems in Winter – How to Keep Up

Winter Home

Ductless Comfort Systems in Winter – How to Keep Up You know it is the time of winter when the winds get nippy and a desire to keep the windows closed arise. The ductless comfort systems in winters also need to gear up for heating in full swing, and wisdom is to keep them maintained prior to switching on the heater. Read below to acquire some tips on how to keep your ductless comfort systems proper and functioning when the winter takes the toll on. Keep the external unit clean of leaves and snow: First and foremost – the external unit… read more

Ductless heat pump in Astoria, NY


Ductless heat pump in Astoria, NY Heating, ventilating and air conditioning, also known as HVAC, is a home comfort system suitable for all types of homes. Houses that require constant temperature regulation in either of the seasons find HVAC or ductless heat pump systems the best comfort solution to their problem. Customer Costas lives in a fine house in Astoria, NY, with large and multiple rooms. He reached Richair Comfort Solutions as he wanted a ductless system to regulate the home temperature throughout the year. We suggested Costas our famous Tri-Zone Ductless Heat Pump system consisting of 9000, 12000 and… read more

Installed floor mounted ductless units in Forest Hills, NY

floor mounted ductless units

Installed floor mounted ductless units in Forest Hills, NY Areas with smaller spare spaces must not suffer the lack of a temperature regulator in extreme seasons. Besides ductless comfort systems with multiple handlers, Mitsubishi Electric provides floor mounted ductless units for homes with insufficient wall-space. Customer Andrew resides in a family-home in Forest Hills, NY. He wanted a comfort solution for rooms in his house which did not have enough wall space to accommodate the standard ductless unit. Post a quick survey of the room in subject, we offered him the installation of our equally energy-efficient Floor Mounted Ductless Unit… read more