Two ductless Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NA systems in Union City, NJ

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Two ductless Mitsubishi MXZ-4C36NA systems in Union City, NJ Apart from being heavy on the bills, extensive energy-consumption is still a severe issue in conventional air conditioning systems. Ductless Mitsubishi systems operate in multiple-zones with a heat-pump configuration, efficiently consuming lowest possible power. Resident Erik lives in a two-family home in Union City, NJ. He contacted Richair Comfort Solutions and explained the details of his home containing multiple rooms. Erik wanted a comfort solution which would work effectively for heating and cooling, and would also be affordable at the same time. We offered him two of our featured Ductless Mitsubishi… read more

Ductless installation in Jamaica, NY

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Ductless installation in Jamaica, NY Dual-zoned ductless systems are perfect for houses with double stories and also with homes that have rooms used infrequently. Dual-zone split systems take multiple zones into consideration for the temperature to be regulated by ductless installation. Resident Phil resides in an established private home in Jamaica, NY, with an open sky and minimum trees enclosing the abode. A close friend suggested Richair to Phil, upon which he emailed us requesting for a ductless split system. Phil elaborated that he had few rooms which were un-occupied mostly. He was looking for a system that would be… read more

Ductless Comfort System Installation in Flushing, NY

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Ductless Comfort System Installation in Flushing, NY Ductless mini-split systems are rapidly becoming a novelty due to their room-by-room control of temperature. A ductless comfort system installation which provides ductless regulation of temperature with startling efficiency is a very smart alternative to conventional air-conditioners. Resident Marilyn lives in a private family home in Flushing, NY. She wrote to Richair Comfort Solutions after having tried several conventional air-conditioners to counter the hot summers. Marilyn elaborated on the current temperature-controllers in her home. Those were coming off insufficient to efficiently cool her house throughout the days. Consequently, we proposed her our Mitsubishi… read more

Neat heat pump installation in Queens, NY

Ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump installation

Neat heat pump installation in Queens, NY People began to demand mini-split heat-pump systems when talk about cost-efficiency and improved working spread from home-to-home. As a result, conventional air-conditioners began to lose the market much faster than expected. Today, winters and summers are well-looked after with fine, heat pump installation. Resident Edward lives in a single-family home in Sunnyside, one of the Queens neighborhood, NY. He reached out to Richair Comfort Solutions with the grievance of inadequate temperature regulation in both the seasons. Edward appeared exasperated with his current temperature-controlling resources that were coming short in the blistering summers of… read more

Calculate Electricity Usage

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Calculate Electricity Usage Electricity bills differ home to home because of the variance in usage of devices. Every appliance you heavily use throughout the day adds their individual substantial contribution to make up the complete utility bill. Therefore, it is best to calculate electricity usage of each appliance and thus, manage our tasks accordingly to keep things feasible. Its fairly easy to calculate electricity usage of various appliances. Most of the devices come with a labelled information which states the amount of watts it uses. This information can be used, along with the average number of hours the device is turned… read more

Ductless System Creates Unique Comfort in Little Neck Home

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Ductless System Creates Unique Comfort in Little Neck Home A ductless system has become a famous necessity in present day, either for air-conditioning or for delivering heat. The enhanced features such as energy-efficiency, electric bills and wireless control makes ductless system one of the most popular commodity. A well-established home in Little Neck, NY stands under a clear sky to enjoy summers and winters with full swing. Resident Elaine approached Richair Comfort Solutions when the primary cooling source in her home failed to beat the scorching heat. She requested a ductless comfort system which would not only deliver heat efficiently, but also… read more

Ultra-high Efficiency Ductless Comfort System in Sunnyside, NY

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Ultra-high Efficiency Ductless Comfort System in Sunnyside, NY When using heavy electronics, it is best intended to make it highly energy efficient to keep things down for bills. An ultra-high efficiency ductless comfort system relieves homeowners of inefficient air conditioners that deliver less power, but heavy on consumption. Barbara, a resident in Sunnyside, NY, previously relied upon through-the-wall air-conditioners to cool her house. Blistering heat during summer 2016 months made her contact Richair Comfort Solutions in Maspeth, NY in order to work up a fix for her current air-conditioning situation. Her current system was not only heavy on her utility… read more

Cutting Bills Is Easy


Cutting Bills Is Easy No matter where we live, excessive energy-consumption doesn’t spare us, and utility bills have soared way too high for all of us. However, with a little extra care and following these tips, you can substantially cut down your energy bills. Cutting bills by investing additional money in high efficiency lighting and appliances is quite common. Nevertheless, you can save hundreds of dollars simply by adopting these easy tricks and watch the drastic change in your bills. 5 ways to help cutting bills: Electronic appliances would have gone extinct by now if ways to limit the utility spend were… read more

Mini-Split Air-Conditioning System in Greenpoint, NY

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Mini-Split Air-Conditioning System in Greenpoint, NY Mini-split air-conditioning system provides complete comfort solution for residences requiring temperature control in more than one rooms. Facilitate several rooms at the same time with their independent split units, operated wirelessly and well powered to cater for energy-efficiency. A multiple-family home in Java Street, Greenpoint, NY usually consists of 3 stories. Resident Paul communicated with Richair Comfort Solutions to work up a quick fix for air-conditioning against the blistering heat of NY. He wanted air-conditioning in the top floor as well as the first floor studio. Looking at the building, we suggested Paul our… read more

Mitsubishi Single-Zone Ductless Unit in Bronx, NY

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Mitsubishi Single-Zone Ductless Unit in Bronx, NY Most of the families use basement as an entertainment room and therefore, cooling or heating system is a must to facilitate the closed area. Mitsubishi Single-Zone Ductless Unit effectively improves the quality of living by highly energy-efficient temperature control and compact look. A single-family house in Robertson Place, Bronx, NY is a fine residential home and also has ample basement space to improvise. The residents have converted it into a family entertainment room to get together and spend intimate time. One of the residents, Thomas, reached to Richair Comfort Solutions complaining of inadequate ventilation in… read more