Save Money with a Ductless Mini Split System

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Save Money with a Ductless Mini Split System You live in a small home that is heated by hot water heat through radiators. The baseboard heat is great, but during the summer your place heats up too much to stay comfortable. The home has good insulation and is sealed well, with very few leaks. Heat pump technology in the ductless mini split system runs on a compressor and an evaporator to both heat and cool. During the summer, it will cool your home efficiently, and run heat during the colder months, helping you to stay comfortable all year long. Using… read more

Ductless Systems Improve Comfort

Ductless systems improve comfort by adding wireless remote control

Ductless systems improve comfort for more than 30 years Ductless heat and cool systems, also known as air-to-air heat pumps, could be a great solution for homes with an old heating or cooling system, oil or electric heat, or inadequate climate control in one room or whole house. These highly efficient systems can cut up to 50% from home heating and cooling bills if compared with electric or oil heat, and conventional air conditioners and heating system. Ductless systems improve comfort as they simultaneously cut energy use. A multi-zone ductless system would enables homeowner to separately control the temperature in… read more

4 Benefits of Having a Ductless Mini Split System

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4 Benefits of Having a Ductless Mini Split System Many old homes have registers for heating, either baseboard or the old school registers. They do not, however, have duct work for modern air conditioning. Here are four benefits for having a ductless mini split system installed in your home. You don’t have to add in duct work to heat or cool your home. Installing duct work for modern heating and air conditioning can be a costly and messy project. Some homes don’t have the space between floors, in the attic or the walls to run ducts for the forced air… read more

Make the Switch to Stay Cooler with Ductless Units

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Make the Switch to Stay Cooler with Ductless Units and Enjoy Lower Energy Bills Summer time brings warmer weather, green grass, and sometimes, outdated and high cost ac units. The weather is finally warm and those systems took a beating all fall and winter long and you might be realizing that they are not working as well as they used to, that your AC unit is just not cooling your house, or that your electric bill has skyrocketed. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. “We’re booked solid with new installation jobs.” said Alex R., the Project Manager at… read more

Ducted Heating and Cooling Problems

No ducts? No problem with a mini split!

High energy bills? Running ducted heating and cooling costs much more than a ductless mini split air conditioner system. Stop wasting efforts trying to even-out temperatures in your home, it is not possible with ducted heating and cooling system. Instead switch to ductless mini split system, and start enjoying precisely tuned comfort in every room, and save energy and money. Ask yourself: why one switch (a wall thermostat) should turn on the whole HVAC system and air start blowing in every room without any regard if that room needs to be cooled or heated? However plenty of homes still use… read more

What is a Mini Split System?

A mini split system refers to a heating and air conditioning with separate parts – the evaporator unit is mounted inside, while the condenser unit sits outside. There is only a small hole for the conduit that contains the refrigerant tubing, power cord and condensate drain. This conduit runs between the indoor unit and the condenser/compressor outdoor, so installation is easier than having to add ducts in a “non-ducted” home. If the mini split system is set up for it, it can offer heating and cooling. To heat, they would required a heat pump condenser instead of an air conditioning… read more