Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner for Home Zoning

The benefits of ductless mini split systems.

Achieve home comfort  by creating ductless mini split air conditioner zoning Have rooms too hot, or too cold? Stop suffering and finally achieve home comfort  by creating ductless mini split air conditioner zoning.   Ask yourself: what if all of the lights in your home were turned off and on at the same time using a single switch? Most homeowners would not want to have that! However plenty of homes still use that same impractical and inefficient concept for heating and cooling. A single thermostat controls the temperature for the entire home, causing some rooms be too hot, other rooms… read more

Cooling and Heating a Hotel Lobby

Use ductless mini splits to cool and heat hotels.

Cooling and Heating a Hotel Lobby Richair Comfort Solutions installed a ductless heat pump system to offset the hotel lobby draft situation and improve cooling and heating conditions. The General Manager of the hotel, who asked not to use his name, called us to design and build a new cooling and heating system to supplement the main lobby HVAC system. “The lobby was getting strong drafts when guests were passing through entrance doors, so it was extremely uncomfortable” – he said. “We tried different options, but nothing helped. When doors opened, all conditioned air was blown away by the draft, so… read more