Shopping for cheap ductless system

Ductless system 88

“…so, you are shopping for cheap ductless system, right?” Parting with our hard earned savings is not easy; everyone is looking for a deal. When shopping for cheap ductless system, one must remember – it is not something you buy in a store; it has to be properly installed. The key word is – properly! Manufacturers always stressing out importance of building a network of trained contractors, they understand that only a properly installed and maintained ductless system can perform as it has been initially designed. “If your heating or cooling systems features cutting-edge energy-efficiency design, make sure the company… read more

Thermostat Interface for ductless systems

Thermostat Interface for ductless systems

Mitsubishi Electric introduced the most advanced Thermostat Interface for ductless systems The Thermostat Interface PAC-US444CN-1 allows conventional HVAC thermostats or other on/off controllers to control commercial City-Multi and residential M-Series indoor units. The device uses a patent pending algorithm to vary the INVERTER-driven compressor capacity in order to save energy. It accomplishes this by setting up and wiring a thermostat for a conventional system control with two stages of heating and cooling. “This is the most advanced Thermostat Interface for ductless systems in the industry” claims the Mitsubishi Electric’ bulletin. “Third party thermostats or on/off controllers can control the indoor unit’s fan speed to… read more

Ductless Mini Splits in New Construction Project

Ductless mini splits in new construction

If you are building a new home and strive to become more energy-efficient, you probably should install one of the most cost-effective systems to control the climate in each room all year around. Ductless mini splits allow customizing comfort in each and every room. No need to heat the kitchen or the bedroom when your living room or a kid’s room is too cool. Ductless mini splits for new home construction.               Ductless mini split technology offers a new range of efficiency and comfort—benefits that previously required higher cost or added complexity. To help… read more