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Ductless mini split systems are the ideal cooling and heating solution for installations where adding ductwork is impractical or too expensive, or a high efficiency system is preferred

Ductless system service call

Ductless Mini Split Service and Maintenance

Schedule a service call or a preventive maintenance. Certified technician will diagnose your ductless mini split system, and offer professional repair estimate

Ductless system service call

About Richair Comfort Solutions

We constantly encourage our customers to take advantage of the latest ductless mini split system air conditioner and heat pump technology as efficient, comfortable and safe


More than 4,000 Ductless Mini Split Systems installed since 1994

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What is a Multi-Room Ductless System?

When the only option for cooling and heating was a ducted central HVAC system, the resulted uncomfortable home was normal. Recently, thanks to significant advances in cooling and heating technology, a multi-room ductless mini split systems divided home into segments based on each area’s need for conditioning or heating, called zoning. Rather than relying on a single unit to cool or heat the entire property, multi-zoned homes utilize a network of small, energy efficient units and thermostats

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About Ductless Mini Split System Air Conditioner & Heat Pump

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump Solutions for Home Comfort

Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini split air conditioners and heat pumps offer innovative and efficient solutions, from single rooms to a whole home. Mitsubishi ductless mini split a/c and heat pump units do not use ducts for air distribution. Because of that, there are few limitations to the installation of ductless systems. In addition to homes, the systems offer great climate control in offices, shops, motels and hotels, schools and universities, computer rooms, banks, hospitals, nursing homes, and labs. Without expensive renovation work, a ductless system can control indoor climates from variable and unpredictable to comfortable and consistent. Our professional installations come with 100% satisfaction guarantee, and 12-year all parts warranty and extended labor coverage. Check our Service Agreements page to learn more.

Call us to repair your broken ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump, tune it up to maximum efficiency, or correct other contractors’ mistakes. Our skilled experts will repair your system with respect to your property and privacy because we believe that providing timely and courteous service is the best way to work. All of our technicians are trained and certified therefore maintaining a high level of knowledge and expertise. 

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Ductless Mini Split Benefits

  • No need to keep installing window air conditioners every summer and removing them in winter
  • No losing the view out of your windows, or the convenience of opening them to fresh air
  • Ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump units can be used year round, to heat and cool the entire home
  • Well-suited to homes and businesses without central air systems
  • Perfect for home improvement projects like enclosed porches or converted attics

Serving New York City and Bergen County

Since 1994 our company established itself as a leader in ductless air conditioning systems in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, New York City and Bergen County, New Jersey.

Professional Installation, Service, Repair and Maintenance of Ductless Mini Split Systems

We offer the highest quality installation available. Our installation crews are constantly mastering their skills and are considered the top professional installers in the area.

These professionals install ductless mini split systems every day, so they do a darn good job. We, as a company, have worked years to develop our own techniques to make sure Richair Comfort Solutions’ installers are quick, efficient and great at what they do.

The Comfort You Want, The Quality You ExpectTM

That’s the label we put on our work. It’s also why manufacturers, distributors, and happy customers recommend our companyOur perspective is that we need to do more than fixing a broken system. We also make sure that we do our best to prolong the life of ductless mini split systems while maximizing efficiency. Too many times have we opened a malfunctioning unit and found the problem in the initial installation and maintenance. Our goal is to set things right, once and for all.

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Schedule a FREE in-home consultation, our Product Specialist will:

  • Help you decide which ductless system will be the most beneficial to you
  • Measure your home and calculate necessary capacity
  • Offer special discounts that are not available online or over the phone
  • Discuss various payment options, including low or zero interest financing (for well-qualified customers)
  • Print your free quote for ductless system at the same meeting – no waiting and calling back

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