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Ductless mini splitWe specialize in ductless mini split systems installations and professional service, including wall-mount, concealed mini split systems, low wall mount ductless units and other configurations. We are fully insured and licensed, and our Mitsubishi Electric‘ certified technicians have proven their knowledge and skills by passing specialized certification tests.

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To get a quote for a ductless mini split system, we need to visit your home. We aren’t able to provide a quote over the phone. Too many HVAC contractors rush to give an approximate price, a ball park that is very confusing to a homeowner, and wrong almost every time. Price depends on many factors: system capacity, configuration, location of indoor and outdoor units, complexity of installation and homeowner’s preferred choices (every family has it’s own preferences). We also need to check your home’s heating and cooling requirements, and discuss your needs in person. Only then will we be able to offer the best solution and free quote for a ductless mini split system.


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At your FREE in-home consultation our Product Specialist will:

  • Help you decide which system will be the most beneficial to you
  • Measure your home and calculate necessary capacity
  • Offer special discounts that are not available online or over the phone
  • Discuss various payment options, including low or zero interest financing (for well qualified customers)
  • Print your free quote for ductless system at the same meeting – no waiting and calling back

No pressure to buy – it is your home, you make the decision.

“No” is an absolutely good answer!


In case you experience any difficulty, you can always call us at 800-590-1557, we are here to help Monday through Friday 8am-5pm, and Saturday 8am-1pm (we are open Saturdays from May 1st to August 15th only). Thanks for visiting.



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