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A career in ductless industry is more than just an income. Too many service employees these days go through their day waiting to clock out. We want to change that. Not only to help establish a more positive atmosphere within our company, but to also encourage better service and productivity.

Your workplace is your second home! That’s the attitude we take when we design all of our positions. Being at work should be fun, inspirational and most of all important to you. Remember, we don’t just offer “jobs”, but careers with excellent advancement opportunities. We are always looking for best people to join our team and continue to help us expand our quality services.

The following positions are available:

  • Ductless air conditioner and heat pump installers. Got to be handy for this position, and be able to resolve installation challenges! Our experienced installation technicians address customer’ concerns on each and every installation job, are proud of their impeccable quality and cleanliness.
  • Maintenance Specialists. Professionally maintaining high efficiency systems is important to keep the system running smoothly, at the efficiency designed and tested at the manufacturer facilities. Too many homeowners neglect to clean and check system at regular intervals.
  • Service Technicians. Responding to someone’s heating and cooling emergency issue, fixing a system when others quit, going out-of-line to restore customer’s system in shortest time – adds a rewarding feeling of accomplishment to this job.
  • Product Specialists/Sales Representatives. This exciting position involves consulting homeowners on various ductless mini split systems options, designing and estimating projects.
  • Customer Service Representatives. Quality service begins, goes along and ends with a carrying customer representatives.

career in ductless industry
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