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What is Multi Zone Ductless Cooling and Heating?

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  What is Multi Zone Ductless Cooling and Heating? It is possible to control the temperatures in separate rooms of your home, instead of using one unit to control all rooms at the same time. This is both inefficient and can result in varied temperatures throughout the home. Varied temperatures often happen when there is only one thermostat to control many areas of the home or business, or sometimes entire floors. This is also a poor use of energy, especially when not all the rooms are being used. To help reduce energy being used, the Multi Zone Ductless Cooling and… read more

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation Step-by-Step

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A simplified step-by-step description of ductless air conditioning installation process*: Make sure to protect the area with plastic or fabric drop cloth. Start with indoor ductless air conditioning installation. Carefully unpack the indoor unit, remove the mounting bracket and hold it to the wall. Level it, then mark the screw hole locations and where to bore a hole for the refrigeration lines, condensate discharge line and electrical cable. Screw the mounting bracket to the wall, making sure it’s level, as it is important for condensate removal. If not properly installed, the unit will collect condensate water, develop algae and mold. From… read more

12-Year Maintenance Coverage

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Ductless Cooling and Heating 12-year Maintenance Coverage. Why would you need it? So, the hard part is over. Your new Mitsubishi Ductless Cooling and Heating system is installed and running smoothly. You may be thinking to yourself: “This is great. The comfort level is amazing”. Of course these are reactions we want you to have but it does not end here. Similar to a vehicle, Ductless Cooling and Heating systems must be maintained. Proper maintenance is very crucial and unfortunately sometimes overlooked when it comes to these systems. You made a big investment when you purchased your Ductless Cooling and… read more

12-Year Complete Warranty

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Why would you need a Ductless Mini Split Units 12-year Complete Warranty? To answer the question, let’s look at the mechanical and electronic industries as a whole. In the past 40 years one could notice that mechanical and electronic devices became much more sophisticated and complex. They include more features than ever, and capable of delivering better results while consuming less resources. These great achievements come at a cost – to maintain necessary quality and integrity of these new devices and machinery, manufacturer must employ better, more efficient processes and newly developed material. In contract, a window air conditioner manufactured in… read more

Maintenance for Ductless Mini Split

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Maintenance for Ductless Mini Split Any HVAC system fares better when regular maintenance is performed. Some of the work can be done by a home or business owner, however, it’s important to have an HVAC technician come and complete regular maintenance for ductless mini split system. The refrigerant will last for years if the installation is done properly, but there are filters and other items that need to be checked from six months to a year. Maintenance for ductless mini split should be done at least once a year, or better twice a year if they are used year round. Here are… read more

The Advantages of Mitsubishi Electric Mini Splits

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The Advantages of Mitsubishi Electric Mini Splits Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating offers some of the best HVAC systems available. Innovation for heating and cooling is in their DNA, with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology. With VRF, it is possible to have multi zoned units heat and cool with variable temperatures at the same time. This means in a home or office building, one room could be set at 70°, while the room next door could be set at 65°. Mitsubishi Electric created this innovative technology and has been the forerunner for many other forms of HVAC technology to bring… read more

Where are Mini Splits Right for the Property?

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Where are Mini Splits Right for the Property? When looking into the options for heating and cooling your home, many people are only aware of the forced air heaters and central air conditioners that are all too common today.  Not only are these systems inefficient and space consuming, they are often a more expensive option.  Enter the mini split ductless system.  One external unit works with one or more internal units to temperature controlled air directly into the room it is intended.   Here are a few ways for you to decide if installing a mini split in your Maspeth,… read more

Control Mitsubishi ductless mini split using kumo cloud

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Remotely and wirelessly control your Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini split system using kumo cloud TM Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch of kumo cloud TM. The kumo cloud TM is an app and web service that allows you to remotely and wirelessly control your Mitsubishi Electric single- or multi-zone ductless mini split systems. With kumo cloud TM  along with your smartphone or tablet device, you can manage multiple venues, such as home, work, and vacation locations. The kumo cloud TM also controls functions like turning the system on/off, system mode, fan speed, and vane direction. In addition, it can monitor the filter and error… read more

Enjoy Comfort of your Home with a Ductless Mini Split

Enjoy the Comfort of your Home with a Ductless Mini Split

Ductless Mini Split – Enjoy the Comfort of your Home Why struggle with poorly designed, or even worse – poorly installed HVAC system in your home? When you purchased and installed a new heating and cooling system in your home, you hoped to be comfortable, and have no repair bills for the next few years, right? Like at least 5 years… Well, unfortunately it does not work this way. First, to be ideally comfortable a homeowner needs a ductless mini split system. Only a ductless mini split can achieve ideal temperatures throughout your home, by providing total zoning and computerized temperature… read more

Pros of Installing a Mini Split System

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Pros of Installing a Mini Split System Mini split systems aren’t the norm for heating and cooling, but they do have advantages for your home or business. Here are some of the pros of having a ductless mini split system: Mini split systems are efficient to run. Offering options to heat selected rooms or areas instead of the whole home will save energy that a forced air heater or baseboard hot water heat cannot offer. Mini split units use electricity with no gas required. Prices of utilities fluctuate, but electricity offers a safer alternative to heating a home than the… read more